Land Based Services

Inter-Marine are not strictly bound to shipping and the high seas.

Maintaining a high level of guest experience during cruise ship air conditioning servicing provides us with transferable experience and a conscious approach to carrying out similar projects within the land based hotel, retail and commercial sector.

Although the name is Inter-Marine is aligned with marine based services, our technical team has extensive experience and history in large central plant high rise buildings, retail centres, hospitals and other air-conditioned public venues.


This has provided us with the opportunity of carrying out select specialist capital equipment upgrades; including cooling towers, chillers, boiler replacements, technical support and routine maintenance to various land based sites within the industrial and commercial sectors.


Our forward detailed planning of capital upgrades and repair projects similar to a ship dry-docking, has won us many long-term contracts in remote locations such as Ayers Rock Resort. In high ambient conditions our team has consistently carried out sensitive and difficult project upgrades, whilst maintaining a high level of guest experience with minimal disruption to the normal operation of those venues.


Our team carries the expertise to carry out turn-key solutions for energy saving improvements, performance improvements, life cycle analysis and priority budgetary forecasting for owner assets and equipment.


We have experienced and specialised HVACR and mechanical technicians located on call 24/7 to attend to any location required.