Our Agencies

We are the proud authorised agent for Total Marine Solutions Inc and Josun Air-Conditioning Co LTD for locations in the South Pacific Region.


Total Marine Solutions Inc

Total Marine Solutions provide sales, service and certification for bilge overboard discharge, Oil Content meter monitoring, Oil Separation Systems, White Box and Environmental control equipment to meet stringent international EPA laws and MARPOL standards.

Under the umbrella of Total Marine Solutions, the goal is to prove our value as a partner to the Owner/Operator’s Technical Department by succeeding in bringing to their operation the most effective system designed to meet stringent environmental and safety standards.

An ever changing economy and significant enhancements to environmental and safety regulations requires ship owners and operators to continually strengthen their organisation to ensure compliance, profitability, market share and longevity.

We have certified technical staff specialising in the servicing environmental systems of Offshore Platforms, Floating storage and Offloading Vessels, Cruise ships, Tankers, Bulk carriers and Super yachts. Our technicians undergo regular training to keep you updated with the latest technology and products.

Our technicians are flexible and on call to attend vessels 24/7 anywhere in the South Pacific Region for emergency support, cyclic services and crew training both on or off site, depending on the customer’s needs.


Josun Air-Conditioning co ltd

We are proud to be an authorised Agent for Josun Air-Conditioning Co LTD for locations in the South Pacific Region.

Josun is China’s largest marine HVACR manufacturing supplier and specialises in researching, manufacturing, selling and service of Marine air-conditioners, water chillers, refrigeration plant, fans, special air-conditioning, humidifiers, ventilation accessories and other products.

This agency provides us with excellent product access to Approved Fire Dampers, Armaflex Insulation and any Marine HVAC product. Heat exchangers, Chillers and Ancillary AHU equipment is manufactured under quality control and Military Criteria to all marine approved classes.


– Remove damage, corroded or worn out tubes
– Clean and prepare tube sheet
– Provide the replacement tubes required
– Install new tubing
– Assist in pressure testing the heat exchanger