Retubing and Heat Exchangers

We retube, service and repair all different types, brands and models of heat exchangers, both on-site or in-house.

Onboard or in warehouse shell and tube heat exchanger retubing to suit any and all needs.

Heat exchanger tubes are constantly contracting and expanding as they heat up and cool down during normal operation. Depending on the application and the medium fluid transferring through, salt-water scale, calcium, vibration, erosion, corrosion and other contaminants can create further issues, leading to even faster deterioration. In due course, these factors lead to complications within the heat exchanger resulting in the need for replacement of the tubes.

Inter-Marine can offer complete on-site or in-house heat exchanger retubing service. Inter-Marine retube, service and repair all different types, brands and models of heat exchangers. Our specialised services include:

– Shell and tube

– Air compressor Inter-Coolers

– Main Surface Condensers

– Chiller Evaporator and Condensers

– U-Tube Bundles

– Water Treatment Pre-heaters

– Oil Coolers

– Steam Dump Condensers

– Portable water Heaters

We have facilities to transform straight tubes into the curved tube bundles required in most heat exchanger designs. We also have access to a full range of tubes; smooth and enhanced finned tubing in a variety of metals, diameters and thicknesses, complete with OEM mill certificates.


To reduce the cost of heat exchanger retubing, Inter-Marine can offer eddy current tube analysis. An Eddy current test will identify which tubes have anomalies and require replacement and which can remain in service.

Once the faulty tubes are identified by our specialised technicians, the following works are to be carried out:

– Remove damage, corroded or worn out tubes

– Clean and prepare tube sheet

– Provide the replacement tubes required

– Install new tubing and wall crush certification

– Assist in pressure testing the heat exchanger